Refresh Tea – enjoy tea, whether hot or cold always a refreshment

Refresh tea

Healthy and delicious: refreshing tea for your well-being

Refreshing tea: Fruity herbal teas with selected ingredients

Carefully selected herbs, flowers, berries and fruits are the ingredients for a light and fruity refreshing tea. Pomegranate and blueberry are natural organic superfoods that provide a fruity, sweet note. Chili stimulates your intestines and digestion and helps to stimulate the metabolism. Refreshing teas are available on the basis of black tea, green tea or herbal tea. They are also vegan and get by almost without calories. With these high-quality teas you can ideally lose weight, use them as a detox cure or as an accompaniment to diet and detoxification. The refreshing tea also tastes good as a healthy home tea for a healthy start in the morning or for daily relaxation. Refreshing tea is available in a practical bag or as a loose tea.

The advantage of loose refreshing tea: You can determine the taste individually and even pour in the refreshing tea several times. When you’re out and about, pour refreshing teas into a bottle and take them to work or sports. This way you will be hydrated all day long. In leak-proof bottles made of robust glass or bamboo you can comfortably transport your refreshing tea.

Refreshing tea is a perfect drink for all seasons

Thanks to the selected combination of organic herbs and organic fruits, you can enjoy a refreshing tea both classically hot and cold as iced tea. In summer, for example, you fill a tea maker or infuser with loose refreshing tea and pour boiling water over it. After the infusion time, remove the tea strainer and pour your tea into a bottle with ice cubes or drink directly from the tea maker. This will give you a delicious iced tea in no time at all. In winter, the refreshing tea provides a cosy warmth. Tip: In a thermos cup or a thermos flask, the herbal tea stays nice and hot and warms you from the inside in cold temperatures.

Refreshing tea: A beautiful gift set for every occasion

A delicious and healthy low-calorie gift idea is a refreshing tea in a nice gift box or gift box. Tea lovers will certainly enjoy a gift set of high-quality refreshing teas in various flavours, a glass, mug, thermo mug, infuser, practical tea maker or fine tea bottles. So your friends always have nice and practical tea utensils ready to hand in a box and can enjoy their refreshing tea. Review
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