Tea – There are many reasons to drink tea daily


Tea: Experience the pleasure of wellness or refreshing tea

Herbal tea and fruit tea as members of the big tea family: enjoyment, health and joie de vivre in glass and cup

We associate tea with situations in which we do something good for ourselves. Warming up with tea after a long winter walk. The cuddly break on the sofa. The health drink for colds and stomach pains. The date with an aromatic cup of tea: It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy a fruit tea or a herbal tea, whether you need it as a relaxing or refreshing tea or whether you drink it from a cup or glass. It’s about the wellbeing that you can drink with a cup of tea every day, sip by sip.

The right thing for every taste: tea from the garden of nature

Tea is pleasure. But tea is much more. It gives you the feeling and a clear conscience not only to feed yourself healthily, but also sustainably in harmony with our environment. In tea you will find a vegan drinking variant without any animal suffering. You can drink tea from cups, glasses and cups that are free of BPA and plastic. You have a lot of possibilities to practice reusable containers instead of disposable ones and to do something sustainable for our common nature with tea enjoyment. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer fruit tea or herbal tea. Nature has the gift to give us everything we need for enjoyment and health. With sustainable products, you give her something back as a thank you.

Tea: Love and passion in glass and cup

As a tea lover, you know how we often feel when the steaming aroma rises from a cup of tea. Passionate tea drinkers often associate tea enjoyment with certain rituals or people they have become fond of. Because tea is a matter of the heart. This applies to herbal tea, which is a valuable helper with its herbal aromas of chamomile and rooibos, peppermint for classic refreshing tea or sage as a helper with throat infections. We have also grown fond of fruit teas. Often already in childhood, where raspberry, apple or pomegranate were not only a real experience with scent and taste, but also introduced kids to the fruity enjoyment from the glass. Soul comforters, health drinks, refreshing teas or tea to fall asleep: tea accompanied and from childhood to old age. This makes it all the more important that you pay attention to products that combine selected quality with sustainable cultivation methods. Have a good time with your favourite tea!

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