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High-quality tea accessories made of natural, precious materials are in line with the current trend

Do you love your personalized tea ceremony? High-quality tea accessories – this is how enjoyment begins at the preparation stage.

Whether a warming green tea on cold winter days or cool iced tea on warm summer evenings: enjoying tea is independent of place, time or space. High-quality tea accessories make the tea preparation into an individual ceremony. This starts with the selection of your favourite tea in our shop. Black tea or white tea are just as much a part of the aromatic assortment as naturally fruity fruit tea or spicy herbal tea from sustainable production, as well as the matching tea accessories. Of course you will also find tea loose. Every tea product convinces with its quality and aroma. The matching tea accessories such as a tea cooker, electric kettle or a Chinese tea cup perfect the relaxing tea enjoyment in the office as well as at home.

Tea accessories from the classic to the trendy product

Everyone prepares their tea drink in a very individual way with different tea accessories. The connoisseur, who wants to pamper himself all around and enjoys the aesthetic effect of blossoming tea from China, chooses this special tea product, as well as the right tea accessories in large or small. Infused in tea accessories in the form of a glass teapot with a large content, it first fascinates the eye before, filled into glasses, it touches the sensitive taste buds. As a gift set of tea, as well as tea accessories, this tea is a very special gift for tea lovers. Loose green tea develops its full flavour in the tea egg, while tea accessories such as the Penguin Tea Ready Timer for tea bags perfectly determine the infusion time for green teas in the bag. When the tea is ready, he feels good in a teapot with teapot warmer.Comfortably flickering candlelight or even electrical energy guarantee the ideal temperature of jasmine tea, Matcha or other tea preparations in the pot. You can serve ingredients such as a special spice, milk or honey in attractive tea accessories such as bowls made of glass, porcelain, stainless steel or bamboo, including or without a lid. Small teaspoons are used for removal.

Tea accessories as accessories: healthy tea enjoyment through natural materials

Which of the numerous tea varieties or tea accessories you like: Natural products and sustainable production of the various teas and tea accessories further enhance tea enjoyment. Our tea accessories range is based on tea accessories made from natural raw materials, which are available in attractive classic or trendy designs. Because our offer is based on sustainability and naturalness. That is why we deliberately pay attention to the use of plastics. If it cannot be avoided for functional reasons, we make sure that it is reliably BPA-free. You can find the detailed information directly in the product description. With this in mind, we provide high-quality tea accessories for relaxing moments from the preparation of the tea using a strainer to the first pleasurable moment. You want to give tea love in the form of special tea accessories such as a tea strainer, tea egg, an attractive water heater, a special cup, an individual set or other attractive accessories: then a voucher for tea accessories is the ideal choice.

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Fruit tea
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